Regina & Matthias from Radeburg, Germany – 8 October 2011

Today we looked at the photos of our tour (July 2011) in your website Gallery, and often remember the great time we had. A year ago we visited your site the first time and wondered whether this might be the right tour for us. Now we can state with a firm voice that we made the right decision! Thank you, Klaus, Vitya and Markus for this felicitous holiday.

Bruno J. Rohrer from Frick, Switzerland – 27 September 2011

In August 2011 I participated on your Jubilee 60th Tour, an unforgettable experience on the abandoned Kettle Valley Railway in British Columbia.

In the 10 years that I had previously lived in Canada, I never had a chance to experience the fabulous nature of BC in such detail as on this bike tour.  Klaus had everything well organized, and the route and various accommodations chosen were great.  Vitya’s  talent in looking after our culinary needs left nothing to wish for, and Claas, our ‘Bike Maintenance Manager’ en route made sure that our bikes were always in excellent condition.

I felt very comfortable and had lots of fun together with our diverse group,  and will keep fond memories of our many interesting conversations.

Many thanks to this tirelessly working team who made such a perfect vacation possible.

Conny and Michel from Hamburg, Germany – 04 July 2011

After our bike tour in September 2006, we decided to travel with WCBT through Canada’s wilderness again. We had some  great  experiences on our Rocky Mountain & Kettle Valley Trail tour last June and have returned completely satisfied. On this tour we discovered mother nature waking up at spring time, in a gorgeous mountainous landscape with spectacular waterfalls and the very impressive Columbia Icefields. It was such a pleasure for body, mind and soul, to be able to unwind from our working life so well.

Our sincere appreciation is directed to the team:  Klaus and his careful planning, co-guide Markus, and ‘bush cook’ Vitya for spoiling us with delicious meals of delicious Western Canadian cuisine including even organic ingredients (not forgetting the ever-available Canadian beer).

Andreas & Petra from  Thuringia, Germany – 23 November 2010

We were on the tour in May 2010 and had a terrific holiday that will be hard to beat!  Those who like adventure and nature won’t go wrong with this trip.

We thank guides Klaus and Martin, and of course, cook Vitya!

Michaela and Ekkehard Mieth from Berlin, Germany – 18 October 2010

We have had an eye on this bike tour for quite a while and could not make up our minds, since we generally prefer to organize our own tours. But we wanted to go to Canada and so joined the tour in July 2010. To make a long story short, we have not regretted signing up and enjoyed a lovely holiday. The success of this journey was a combination of Klaus’ concept of the tour,  superb culinary service by Vitya, the great composition of our small tour group, and wonderful weather. What remains are not just nice memories on a bike trip through impressive landscapes, but also quite a bit of cheerfulness and camaraderie, with singing at campfires, good talks, and fun.

Helmut Feurle from Stuttgart, Germany – 17 September 2010

Since my first bike tour on the Kettle Valley Railway in 2007 the fascination of this amazing wilderness experience in BC has not left me. I just had to do this trip again! So I signed up for the tour in June 2010. Once more I was very impressed and returned full of enthusiasm. A big thank you to our guides Klaus and Albert and our cook Vitya!  It was an unforgettable journey, thanks to your tireless work.

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